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Throughout its distinguished 40 years of publication, Personal Freedom Outreach’s apologetic newsletter, with its careful biblical exegesis and investigative reports, rose to a place of prominence among discernment-minded Christians.  Here’s how to receive The Quarterly Journal :

Entire Year of Past Journals: A complete year (four issues of back issues) is available for $20.00 (postpaid).  Two years (eight issues) are available for $35.00 (postpaid).  Three years (twelve issues) are available for $40.00 (postpaid).  Please indicate year desired; for multi-year requests, the years may be consecutive or intermittent; please state years wanted.

Sample Journal / Back Issues: A sample copy of the final issue (October-December 2020) is available for $7.50 (postpaid). (Foreign requests, add $2.50 per issue.)  Also back issues from January-March 2000 through the final issue are $7.50 per issue (postpaid). (Foreign requests, add $2.50 per issue.) January-March 1984 through October-December 1999 are $5.00 per issue (postpaid). (Foreign requests, add $2.50 per issue.) Please note: Printed editions of Volumes 1-3 Journals from prior to 1984 are no longer available.

Bulk Packets: For ten or more issues (identical or assorted) deduct $1.00 per issue from the above price (e.g., $7.50 issues are $6.50 each; $5.00 issues are $4.00 each).

PDF Files: Every Journal from 1981 through 2020 is available on CD-ROM or flash drive in .PDF (Portable Document Format) for use with the Adobe Reader software — $74.95 (CD) or $79.95 (flash drive) plus $5.00 domestic shipping; $15.00 for First Class International shipping to Canada; $16.00 for First Class International shipping to all other countries.  Click here for more information.

Mail your request (with check or money order):

40-4 SAMPLE.pdf Now Available – Fall 2020 Journal To see what you’ve missed by not having been a subscriber to The Quarterly Journal,  please click on the following years for an expanded and detailed listing of recent Journals: 2015-2013 2012-2010 2009-2007 Ways to Receive The Quarterly Journal

For past Journal requests using a credit card, call (314) 921-9800

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