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Personal Freedom Outreach 2008 Saint Louis Conference on Biblical Discernment Plenary and Workshop Session CDs

Gary Gilley

Paul L. Maier

Ron Rhodes

David Tyler

Jay Wegter

Donald Whitney

Plenary Session Leaders and Titles:

Workshop Session Leaders and Titles:

G. Richard Fisher

• G. Richard Fisher

Why Are So Many Deceived? – Understanding What Deception Is   (Tape or CD #0801)

Staying Motivated – How to Keep From Running Out of Gas   (Tape or CD #0823)

• Gary E. Gilley

The Radical Sufficiency of the Word of God for the Church Today (Tape or CD #0807)

• Paul L. Maier

Christianity and the Competition  (Tape or CD #0817)

• Ron Rhodes

Unity on the Essentials, Liberty on the Nonessentials, Charity in All Things  (Tape or CD #0812)

• Jay Wegter

The Power of Biblical Worldview in Today’s Evangelism (Tape or CD #0818)

• Donald S. Whitney

Postmodern Spirituality  (Tape or CD #0806)

• Rev. G. Richard Fisher

The Subtle Error of Beth Moore (Tape or CD #0808)

Beth Moore is a best-selling author whose Bible study books and workbooks have sold more than 10 million copies, and she is said to be an “evangelical superstar” and “one of the most respected and sought-after Bible teachers.” No doubt much of Moore’s appeal and success across denominational lines stem from the fact that “she doesn't get caught up in divisive doctrinal issues” and “purposely steers clear of topics that could widen existing rifts between different streams in the body of Christ.”  While Moore has admirable qualities, unfortunately, what sound biblical expressions she offers are often overcome by faulty interpretations and a lack of adequate scriptural exposition.  This workshop will examine some of these “subtle errors” and her dangerous drift into mysticism and subjectivism.

Youth Specialties: Specializing in Error   (Tape or CD #0813)

Youth Specialties is a multimillion dollar parachurch enterprise which is linked to youth ministries and Bible schools across the country.  It is no secret that Youth Specialties is one of the favorites of the so-called emerging church movement.  When and how did they move toward Roman Catholicism?  Is what they teach young people about centering prayer, mysticism, God’s voice, and labyrinths drawn from Scripture, or are they drawn from somewhere else? Is the ancient message of medieval mysticism what the Church needs today, or is it a gross error leading away from God? This workshop will answer these and other pertinent questions.

G. Richard Fisher is pastor of Laurelton Park  Baptist Church in Bricktown, N.J.  Pastor Fisher is a long time  member of Personal Freedom Outreach’s board of directors, is the  senior researcher and writer for its newsletter publication, The  Quarterly Journal, and has co-authored The Confusing  World of Benny Hinn.

• Dr. Gary E. Gilley

The Emergent Church: Revolutionizing the Body of Christ for a Fast-Changing World?  (Tape or CD #0814)

Does cultural change require the church to redefine and reshape itself — emerging as fresh expressions of worship and theology? And is the style of our worship more important than the substance of our worship? If the seeker-sensitive church epitomizes modernity, then the emergent church is created in the image of postmodernity. This seminar will examine the key players, philosophy, and theology of the “emergent church,” along with its history, future and threat to evangelical Christianity.

Have We Misunderstood Paul All Along? – Looking at the New Perspective on Paul  (Tape or CD #0802)

It is the contention of those who promote the “New Perspective on Paul” that the Christian community has misunderstood the teachings of the apostle since at least the time of the Reformation and possibly as far back as Augustine.  Predominantly this means evangelicals have misinterpreted the doctrine of justification.  If the NPP is correct we need to adjust our gospel message.  If the NPP is wrong it is a dangerous heresy.

Is That You Lord? – Decision Making and Knowing God’s Will  (Tape or CD #0819)

The quest to “discover the will of God,” discern the mysterious “prompting of the Spirit,” and “hear the voice of God” are popular topics in the Christian culture.  Much anxiety, confusion and anguish attend the pursuit of these matters.  But is this what God would have us do?  What does the Bible really say about hearing from God and discovering His will?  This seminar will carefully examine these questions.

Gary Gilley is pastor of Southern View Chapel in Springfield, Ill., and director, researcher, and writer for Personal Freedom Outreach.  Dr. Gilley is a graduate of the Moody Bible Institute and Cambridge Graduate School. He is the author of “I Just Wanted More Land” - Jabez, This Little Church Went to Market, This Little Church Stayed Home, and Is That You Lord?

• Dr. Paul L. Maier

Christ or Caricature?  (Tape or CD #0809)

Today’s broadcast media like The History Channel and The Discovery Channel, books like The DaVinci Code and The Jesus Family Tomb, and news magazines like Time and Newsweek offer caricatures of Christ.  Sensationalism and profits, rather than truth and fact, have become the driving force in the recent wave of assaults which come against the very foundation of the Christian faith.  Yet Christians need not retreat from these attacks.  This seminar will show how Christ’s genuine portrait becomes even clearer with new evidence from history and archaeology.

Islam and Christianity (Tape or CD #0803)

For almost fourteen centuries, the Crescent has opposed the Cross. And in the past two decades, millions of dollars have been spent in the United States alone to promote the Muslim faith with remarkable results in conversions and growth. Yet most Christians are uninformed as to even a basic understanding of the tenets of Islam.  In this seminar, the world’s two largest religions are contrasted in terms of founders, history, scriptures, beliefs, and practices.

Paul Maier is Professor of Ancient History at Western Michigan University, the Second Vice-President of the Lutheran Church-Missouri Synod, and a much published author of both scholarly and popular works including Josephus - The Essential Writings, and the theological thriller that became a #1 national bestseller in religious fiction: A Skelton in God's Closet.  Several million Maier books are now in print in a dozen languages, as well as over 250 scholarly articles and reviews in professional journals.  Dr. Maier appears frequently in national radio, television, and newspaper interviews, and has received numerous awards.

• Dr. Ron Rhodes

Interpretive Principles for Unraveling Alleged Bible Contradictions  (Tape or CD #0804)

This seminar focuses attention on over a dozen crucial principles that apologetic experts regularly use to unravel and make sense of alleged Bible contradictions — principles the workshop leader regularly used during his years of participation on the national Bible Answer Man radio broadcast. These principles will equip attendees not only to solve alleged Bible contradictions, but also will give them the apologetic skills necessary to answer critics who challenge the trustworthiness of the Bible. Confidence in the Bible’s reliability will increase as specific examples are examined and explained.

Unmasking Today’s Most Popular Psychics  (Tape or CD #0820)

This workshop focuses attention on James Van Praagh, John Edward, and Sylvia Browne. These are three of today’s most famous psychics, as evidenced by their successive New York Times bestsellers, regular appearances on national television shows (including Larry King Live and the Montel Williams Show), and filling big stadiums like rock stars. This workshop will examine details of their personal lives, how they became psychics, how they actually engage in the attempt to contact the dead, their “fishing” techniques, their success rate, and their rationalizations and excuses when they fail. Most important, an apologetical and biblical critique will be provided.

Ron Rhodes is the founder and president of Reasoning from the Scriptures Ministries, a Frisco, Texas-based apologetic ministry. He is heard regularly on nationwide radio and is the author of the popular “Reasoning from the Scriptures” series and over fifty other apologetic works including Christianity According to the Bible, Answering the Objections of Atheists, Agnostics and Skeptics, and The 10 Things You Need to Know About Islam. Ron holds a Th.M. and a Th.D. from Dallas Theological Seminary.

• Dr. David M. Tyler

I Love Me, Yeah, Yeah, Yeah  (Tape or CD #0821)

“Bible teacher” Beth Moore says she suffers from “shaky” self-esteem.  “Life coach” Paula White says we just need to fill our love tanks.  “Megapastor” Joel Osteen contends we’re all basically good and just need to think positive thoughts.  But what say ye the Scriptures?  The dynamics of self-esteem and self-love continue to plague an already undiscerning Church through the writings and ministries of many popular Bible teachers and authors. This workshop will examine the subtle poison of self-esteem and self-love, and how the Scriptures command us to evaluate ourselves.

Old Problems – Jung Solutions?   (Tape or CD #0815)

It’s not surprising that the humanistic philosophies of Carl Jung, Sigmund Freud and Carl Rogers saturate the secular world.  But what is alarming is just how much leaven from these unbiblical psychologies has permeated the Church. Not everything which hails under the banner of “Christian” counseling is really Christian or biblical.  This workshop will explore the nature of true biblical counseling, how the counseling ministry of the Church has been derailed, and how to rediscover this vital and necessary aspect of ministry.

David Tyler holds a B.A. in Theology, an M.A. in Pastoral Ministry, and a Ph.D. in Biblical Counseling. Presently, Dr. Tyler is the Director of Gateway Biblical Counseling and Training Center located at Edgemont Bible Church in Fairview Heights, Ill., and the Dean of the Biblical Counseling department of Master’s International School of Divinity.  He is certified by the National Association of Nouthetic Counselors and the International Association of Biblical Counselors. He has authored Jesus Christ: Self-Denial or Self-Esteem?, Self Esteem: Are We Really Better Than We Think?, and has co-authored Deceptive Diagnosis: When Sin is Called Sickness.

• Rev. Jay Wegter

Answering Today’s Moral Relativism  (Tape or CD #0805)

By the time most high school students are ready for graduation they have been thoroughly “relativized.” Right from wrong has become a very “private” issue akin to situation ethics. Over 80% of students today believe that something can be “true for you; but not for me.”  In this workshop we will examine how parents and pastors may equip believers to respond to today’s pervasive relativism by showing that God’s moral standard flows from God’s character and is therefore unchanging because God is immutable Moral Governor of His universe.

Exposing the Myth of Neutrality in Christian Apologetics  (Tape or CD #0810)

Christian scholarship is frequently pressured to put aside commitments that are distinctly Christian in the interest of neutrality. The pressure comes in the form of an appeal to be non-committal on the truth of Scripture. The Christian apologist is pressured to search for truth under the guidance of acclaimed secular thinkers. The unbeliever’s premise is, “The only way to be open-minded is to be non-committal.” In this workshop we will learn to answer the six most common objections launched by those who press for neutrality.

Seven Biblical Reasons Why Evolution Is a Lie  (Tape or CD #0816)

A majority of Christian high school students now believe that there is more evidence for evolution than for the Genesis account of creation. Darwinism has been systematically eroding confidence in the reliability of the book of Genesis and the Bible as a whole. The subject of origins is of critical importance if we are to ground believers in the trustworthiness of the Bible. In this workshop we will draw support and arguments from Scripture which show that Darwinism is both unbiblical and unscientific.

Jay Wegter is founder of The Gospel for Life, an organization designed to strengthen local churches in the Gospel ministry. He is also an experienced pastor, Bible teacher, and a professional artist. Pastor Wegter is an adjunct faculty member at The Master’s College in Santa Clarita, Calif., and is the author of Purity Workbook.

• Dr. Donald S. Whitney

Confronting One Another in Love - The Forgotten Command for Church Discipline  (Tape or CD #0822)

Most local churches have a section in their constitution (or bylaws) on discipline, but few people in those churches are even aware that it’s there, much less know how to practice it. Those churches are weaker as a result of neglecting this biblical command, and they miss the blessings the Lord gives through it. This workshop will explore the Scriptural teaching of church discipline, primarily from Matthew 18 and 1 Corinthians 5 (although many other passages are examined), and how this biblically-based practice is a means for restoration and spiritual health.

Praying Through Scripture  (Tape or CD #0811)

Today Christians face an onslaught of aberrant forms of prayer, such as centering and contemplative prayer. And many believers struggle with drudgery in prayer resulting from habitually saying the same old things about the same old things. The solution to this problem must be fundamentally simple, for God’s children have a wide variety of ages, educational levels, and mental abilities. Because He expects all of His children to pray and to find prayer meaningful, then consistently meaningful prayer must be possible for every Christian. This workshop will detail the simple, biblical solution to this almost universal problem.

Donald Whitney is Associate Professor of Biblical Spirituality and Senior Associate Dean at The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary in Louisville, Ky.  Dr. Whitney is the founder and president of the Center for Biblical Spirituality and has authored several works including Spiritual Disciplines for the Christian Life and Simplify Your Spiritual Life.

Compact discs (CDs) of all sessions are available for $4.00 each; Cassette Tapes are $3.00 each (plus shipping).

A complete set of 23 Conference Sessions on CD is available for $90.00; on Cassette Tape is $65.00 (plus shipping).

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