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Wesley P. Walters

A lecture by the late Rev. Mr. Walters narrating how he became interested in Mormon research and what led to his famous discovery of no Palmyra, (N.Y.) revival in 1820 and the 1826 Joseph Smith court trial bills.

CD-101        $4.00 per CD


Bill Cetnar

A lecture by the late Mr. Cetnar, a former high-ranking Jehovah’s Witness, which deals with helpful suggestions on how to deprophetize this false prophet group.

CD-102        $4.00 per CD


Wesley P. Walters

This message will give you insight into many of the similarities between the modern day cults in perspective to Orthodox Christianity.

CD-103        $4.00 per CD


Bill Cetnar

A vaccination against the cults. Mr. Cetnar tells how to deal with today’s many false prophets.

CD-104        $4.00 per CD


Featuring Paul and Patricia Blizard, Ed Havaich and Kurt Goedelman

A mock dialogue between Christians and Jehovah’s Witnesses. Subjects include the Resurrection, the deity of Christ, the Trinity and Watchtower salvation and prophetic speculation.  (Four CDs with album.)    Click here for additional details.

CD-105        $15.00 per set

     PFO also makes available compact discs from its various conferences, including its biennial “Saint Louis Conference on Biblical Discernment.”  Click here to see more details.


Narrated by Wesley P. Walters

Our popular filmstrip presentation converted to a more contemporary video format. The program deals with the Mormons (Latter-day Saints) examining their History, Doctrines, Claim to Authority, Changes in Doctrine, False Prophecies, Missionary Methods and Witnessing Suggestions.

Special Website Price!

DVD-102        $9.95 per DVD


Bill Cetnar

Vaccinate your Sunday School class, home-study group or youth activity group against the cults with this 58-minute video. Mr. Cetnar provides insight into how to deal with many of today’s “false prophets.”

Special Website Price!

DVD-100        $9.95 per DVD

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In the early years of its ministry, PFO was blessed to have as its directors both Wesley P. Walters and Bill Cetnar. These two gentlemen were distinguished and well-respected in the counter-cult field of ministry. Walters was known as one of the foremost researchers and experts in the study of Mormonism. Cetnar was one of the best known ex-Jehovah’s Witnesses who provided a witness for Christ and effectively exposed the Watchtower as “a genuine false prophet.”  To honor the lives and ministry of these men, PFO is pleased to make available two each of their classic messages.

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