Personal Freedom Outreach

The Quarterly Journal

Summer 2017

Feature Articles:

• Lies Wm. Paul Young Believes About God – More Unshackled Heresy from the Best-Selling Author

• Is It Law or Grace or Both? – The Galatian Error of the Hebrew Roots Movement


• Revisiting The Shack and Its Author’s Tragic Life


• Jesus Is Your Boyfriend?

News Updates:

• TBN Headquarters Property Sold

• Hinn’s Office Raided

• Jehovah’s Witnesses Fail to Protect Against Sexual Abuse

• Pope Claims No Religious Terrorists

• Adventist Church Tops 20 Million Members

• Watchtower Faces Challenge in Russia

• LDS Church Continues to Battle Online Posts

• Family Christian Stores Close

• PFO Redesigns Witnessing Tracts

Book Review:

  Solid Ground edited by Gabriel N.E. Fluhrer

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