Personal Freedom Outreach

The Quarterly Journal

Spring 2009

Feature Articles:

• The Godless Crusade of the New Atheism – Understanding the Militant Anti-Theistic Movement of the 21st    Century

Putting God in a Shack – The Unshackled Heresy of Wm. Paul Young

When Imagination Becomes Revelation – Mysticism and Madness from John Eldredge’s Wild Heart


• New Jesus Novels Are Neither New Nor Novel

News Updates:

• Worldwide Fanfare Marks Darwin’s 200th Birthday

• Younger Schuller to Start Own Church

• Without Walls Church May Be Without Building

• Evangelicals and Catholics Together Co-Founder Dies

• Poll Shows Evolution Eclipses Creationism

Book Review:

  The Complete Guide to Bible Translations  written by Ron Rhodes

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