Personal Freedom Outreach

The Quarterly Journal

Fall 2007

Feature Articles:

• Do You Want to Know... The Secret?

The New Mystic Youth: No Longer Just Pulp Fiction – Sorting Out the Mystical from the Biblical in Today’s    Youth Ministry

What is the Still, Small Voice? – Manufacturing Mystics Young and Old


• And Everywhere That Benny Went, Controversy Was Sure To Go

News Updates:

• Mormon Membership Continues to Rise

• Tampa Newspaper Spotlights Whites’ Excesses

• Creation Museum Opens

• Stellar Cellar

• BYU Changes Honor Code on Homosexual Students

• No More Limbo

Book Reviews:

The 10 Things You Need to Know About Islam  written by Ron Rhodes

Transformed Into His Likeness  written by Armand P. Tiffe

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