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Welcome to The Quarterly Journal’s Sidebar Index.  This index contains every sidebar article published in all PFO’s newsletters and journals from 1981 through 2019.  A subject description for each entry is provided in the middle column, and the right column gives the journal (volume and number) in which the sidebar article appeared.

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Sidebar Online Index

Title of Sidebar Article

An Analogy to What Cahn Does in The Paradigm

The Birth of a Fable and Its Transmission

Characteristics of a Heresy Hunter – Observations of Spencer

The Disposal of Human Bodies

The Erroneous Scholarship of DeArteaga

Hebrew Shemitah Years Since 1900

Listening for the Master’s Voice

An Open Letter to Thomas Nelson Publishers

The Orlando Christian Center – Where You’re Only a Visitor Once

Profile: Kerry Livgren

Racism and Bigotry

Revisiting The Shack and Its Author’s Tragic Life

Six Degrees of Generation

The Social Gospel of the Past

Sources of Contemporary UU Thought

T.D. Jakes  Correction

The United Pentecostals at a Glance

With Deep Appreciation...

Yet Another Battle Rages


Jonathan Cahn

Protocols Learned Elders  

James R. Spencer  


Word-Faith Movement  

Jonathan Cahn  



Benny Hinn  



Wm. Paul Young  

Jehovah’s Witnesses


Unitarian Universalists  

T.D. Jakes  

United Pentecostals  


Murray Harris  



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